RC Excavators

Holy Stone 11 Ch RC Toy Remote Control Excavator with 2 Crawler Wheels

This product is about 45 * 21 * 14 cm.
Package include:the excavator,the remote control,2 * crawler wheels,battery pack * 1,1 * charger,1* screwdriver
Function: forward/backward/turn left/turn right/light/music/body left rotate/body right rotate/upper arm up/down/shovel control/Auto-show
PS: The charger needs 110-240V to charge the excavator

Hobby Engine Excavator Premium Crawlers

Features multi-function digital proportional 2.4 GHz radio and electronic speed control. 7.2V 800mAh rechargeable battery (included), 9V 200mA 1.8 VA charger (included), 2 channel transmitter (included). Requires (6) x AA batteries (Not Included).

RC Excavator “Digger” – 1:10 Scale, Rechargeable Battery + Charger

RC Tipper / Dump Truck is a 1:10 Scale remote controlled toy that features a Rechargeable Battery and Charger makes fun time ever more enjoyable.Dig for treasure with this battery powered radio control Excavator, which has a fully operational front scooping shovel. Known as the Å“Digger, this 1:10 scale RC toy will provides plenty of entertainment as it moves forward, backwards, and even turns on the spot as you hunt for terrain to excavate. Use the accompanying user friendly remote controller to navigate this RC Excavator around and then when the time is right, simply press the button to operate the front scoop to start performing the task or

Ginzick 12 Ch Full Functional Excavator, Electric Rc Remote Control Construction Tractor with Music Lights Sounds and Construction Road Signs

Ginzick 12 Ch Full Functional Excavator, Electric Rc Remote Control Construction TractorThe Ginzick 12 Channel Remote Control Construction Tractor made out of high quality material and is very detailed just like the real thing for indoors or outdoor use, sandbox, small stones etc. with Music lights and sounds easy to use and lots of fun.Design and QualityHigh Quality,and reliability, Durable design The tractor works with a wireless remote A 30min. charge will give you about 15-20 min. of fun. The fact that this RC excavator toy really works like the real thing is the most amazing aspect. Every part of the radio controlled excavator, including the scoop, is controlled by the transmitter You can actually scoop mud or pebbles with your RC excavator in real life.

Finding Components For Your Radio Controlled Hobby

Finding Components For Your Radio Controlled Hobby

There are two approaches to building a radio powered model of a vehicle such as a rc excavator, boat, car, plane, or helicopter. The first is to buy a kit that contains everything that you need. If you buy this, all you need to do is snap everything together, or glue it into place. This is a great place to start for anyone who is interested in radio controlled hobbies. However, after you make this first project, you will probably want to move on to the more advanced method of construction. This involves finding very precise plans for a radio controlled project, and creating it from scratch. You will use wood, power tools, and glue to get your

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